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Farmers can’t escape

Farmers lost their confidence on getting profit from Agriculture. From the bottom Panchayath level to Central spending so many crores in Agricultural sector. Farmers are not getting any benefit from it equally on their share in farming.  Once the economists said that the inflation is due to the price hike of food produces in India. Unfortunately the hike of Inflation visible from the past few decades. But the inflation of food produces is only 14.3% which is calculated from Wholesale Price Index (WPI). At World level maximum Countries are calculating inflation on Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In India, wholesale price index is divided into three groups:

1. Primary Articles (20.1 percent of total weight), Food Articles from the Primary Articles Group account for 14.3 percent of the total weight.

Food articles wholesale price is controlled by the middlemen. Farmers are not entitled to fix the selling price of his produces. The public distribution system, many other Govt agencies are available to control the price of food produces in the market. Thus farmers can’t get the benefit of inflation. If the inflation is calculated for 65 years  as base year 1949 the inflation rate may be higher up to 2000. To reduce the inflation rate the economists purposefully changes the base year periodically. In 1985 the labour wage of a male worker will get Rs. 20 per day and now he gets Rs. 700 per day due to Inflation. Unfortunately any of the agricultural produce gone up below 4 times. The salary and pension are increase more than 35 times including DA. HRA, TA, Promotion and other allowances are above the inflation rate.

2. Fuel and Power (14.9 percent)

The price of Fuel and Power are controlled by the State and Central Govts. These will be hiked on the basis of inflation which is a burden for farmers.

3. Manufactured Products (65 percent).The most important components of the Manufactured Products Group are:-

(i) Chemicals and Chemical products (12 percent of the total weight)

(ii) Basic Metals, Alloys and Metal Products (10.8 percent)

(iii) Machinery and Machine Tools (8.9 percent)

(iv)Textiles (7.3 percent)

(v) Transport, Equipment and Parts (5.2 percent)

All these manufactured products price are fixed by the Manufacturers with profit and other expenses.  BICP stands for Bureau of Industrial Costs and Pricing (India), they will not harm the industry on pricing.

The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices  giving reports to Govt of India. All reports by CACP are in papers only, because farmers are not aware on these reports and farmers are not united to fetch the positive result from it. An interesting Study  on the price indices of few Agricultural produces in Kerala which was submitted to CACP by Dr. Yageen Thomas in 2007, who was the head of Statistics Dept in Kerala University.  A Report  Submitted before the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices related with Coconut and it’s byproducts in 2008 by Dr. Yageen Thomas. Coconut Development Board  spending more money for the development of farmers. In 1985 for plucking coconuts from 50 trees I have to give 15 coconuts and Rs. 2 only. For the the 15 coconuts he was able to sell it at Rs. 75  where the labour wage of a male worker in agricultural sector was Rs. 20. Now the farmers have to give Rs. 1000 for plucking coconut from 50 trees. Above all shortage of workforce in Kerala is an another issue. Many of the labour in Kerala including rubber tapping now work force from North Eastern States who are able to get the wage in their States from Rs. 150 to 200 per day. Kerala is a Gulf for them to fetch a better income to their families. Young educated in Kerala are not interested in Agriculture, they need white color job  to get a bride or groom at their status. How ever inflation goes up and farmers income is going down which creates waste land every where. The farmers or work force are not interested to build their children  on their own standard. For better income to farmers they are using fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides for better yield which is harmful to the environment and health of flies, Animals, livestock and human. With out controlling the inflation farmer can’t escape from his suicide attempts. Thus the calculation of Inflation must be on Food Articles WPI  only. Farmers capability to use manufactured products is a must for the economic growth and self sufficiency of the Nation.


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Anomaly in Rubber Statistics

Rubber Statistics with Anomaly

The Indian Rubber Board publication ” monthly rubber statistical news “ published online from December 2001. Why it happened? The QRMS (Quality Rubber Marketing Society) started to function from 1999.  QRMS purchased the same with an Annual payment of Rs 25 we felt to saw that it was an information on opening stock, production, import, consumption, export and balance stock with accuracy. The con” tents includes all details on various aspects.  We started to publish the monthly rubber statistical news on line. After that Rubber Board started to publish the same on the net.  On an analysis done by me I felt to saw some mathematical errors. At that time Dr Thomas Varghees was the Chairman of “Kerala State Agricultural Prices Board” was against my analysis. How ever I convinced him with more and more evidences. Finally he agreed with my analysis and promoted me on many occasions. Annual Rubber Statistics purchased from my own account.

Annual Rubber Statistics lime light entirely different figures on Import with a hike after 3 or 4 years. How ever the monthly Production, Consumption and Balance Stock will not change after huge variations. I handed over the analysis to Dr Shyamasundaran Nair (Pro vice chancellor of Agricultural University) who was a member of WTO Cell. With the help of Dr Thomas Varghees I got a chance to present my findings at the symposium on opportunities and challenges in agri tade in front of Sri R. Heli who was the moderator. NTV a private television network led by Elias John also supported me through some episodes published on few TV Channels which includes the mathematical error on statistics. Dr Thomas Varghees introduced me to Sri Muraleedharan Thazhakkara and he provided mny chances to broadcast through ” Vayalum Veedum ” programme. Few magazines and TOI like news papers are covered me to lime light the irregularities in Rubber Statistics.  I am thankful to Dr KJ Joseph from CDS for inviting me as a stake holder in NRPPD to submit Major Points on that occasion. But an Economics expert will say “do not waste your valuable time by bothering too much about what rubber board does, what it publishes, etc…. they are beyond your control..” These words can’t stop me to shut my mouth. Last International Study Congress by AKG Study Center provided a chance for a presentation led by Sri Bhaskaran C at University College Trivandrum.

When a  complaint registered on pgportal the reply was very disappointing. Here is the reply and closed the chapter.

Asianet gave a chance in Nerkkuner TV programe. Part 1 |  Part 2 |   part3:. Thanks to PG Suresh. The evidence of low priced export done by Pala Rubber Marketing Society shown through the TV from St Tomas College PALA.  The latest TV presentation covered by ACVby Jijin Jaypal.

Finally AIRIA and ATMA Anomaly in Rubber Board’s stock calculation a worry: Trade bodies published was in favour of my analysis. “IRGA general secretary Sibi J Monippally said that the issue does not carry any relevance at this point of time, when prices are low. The prices have plunged from Rs 242 per kg to Rs118 today. The issue of stock was raised by ATMA deliberately to divert attention from core issues that the rubber sector in India is facing.” It is clear that the  Representatives of farmers and experts are against the interest of real farmers. I took part in the Rubber Policy discussion at CDS. Unfortunately I felt to saw that my points on anomaly on Indian Rubber Statistics was not included in the presentation done by Siby J Monipally in the presence of PC Cyriac IAS. The positive thinking of CDS can’t include my negative findings on their final report. How ever I am able to put all irregularities in  Nirmala Sitharaman a Group in Facebook  which is a hope for a common man. Many of my analysis are now shared with specific people only, because the news Rubber Board Set Right Output Record came in to the notice of the Public.


This is an analysis done by me from 2010-11 to December 2014. Remember that the price hike in 2010 – Rs 16908, 2011 – Rs 212668  and 2012 – Rs 18440 per quintal for RSS 4 at Kottayam can’t bring down the productivity in Kerala.

Compiled the published Data

Compiled the published Data

The final correction done by me on Rubber Statistics will provide a Balance Stock 1118946 Tonnes from 2009-10 to December 2014.

Expert committee can correct it?

Expert committee can correct it?

A request to the two member expert Committee. Please do not compel me to apply for form N which is less in number than Form H2 and L.  It will lime light the sale to other States which can’t be greater than production.

When AAP formed in Kerala I joined the party to lime light the irregularities. Unfortunately the Kerala State Committee Suppressed the same and compelled me to resign as the District Co-ordinator.

My analysis handed over to Adv J Venugopal and M Vijaykumar Ex-Speaker in front of Secretariate. No action had been taken on it.
My analysis at the hand of Sri M Vijaykumar

My analysis at the hand of Sri M Vijaykumar