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A Class to Managers in SBT HQ was the presentation used to display on screen which can be easily understand the managers of State Bank of Travancore on 30-11-2015. Actually they were trained from Agricultural University, Farmers farm, Rubber Board and Coconut Development Board. Now they are getting 5 day training in Bank HQ which will be helpful to guide the farmers on Farm Loans. An Introduction by me before presentation – the end of power point presentation I introduced the cost effective smoke house to dry rubber sheets in 24 hours, how to prepare quality sheets, direction of the flow of latex, importance of organic matter in soil, harmful weedicides pesticides insecticides fertilizers etc, traditional cows with beta casein A2, protection of drinking water etc and its importance. The relation of price of agricultural produces and the relation of it with Inflation on my views was another subject shared to them. At the end a detailed briefing on TMACT Waste management with out leachage, foul smell etc with the help of oxygen, bacteria and carbon. I would like to appreciate the clap of Bank Managers on my presentation with my experiments and experiences.I wonder the Managers can understand the data compiled by me with Missing which was published by the Rubber Board online and printed version. The Media, Politicians, Experts and the rulers of State and Center can’t understand the same. I remembered Sri Muraleedharan Thazhakkarafor giving chances through “Vayalum Veedum” broadcast covered me with other experts on Natural Rubber. I introduced them that Muraleedhran Thazhakkara is an encyclopedia on Agriculture.My heartiest thanks to Harikumar Elacode for giving a chance to open my mind in front of Bank Managers on five days training related with Agriculture on various fields. When I reached I felt to saw Dr K Prdapan (Director Horticulture Mission) who presented his views to Bank Managers. Afternoon session will cover with Sri Balachandran.Glad news to share is CGM directed the managers to join as a friend on my Facebook profile. warmly welcome the managers of SBT to my residence to see the TMACT plants for waste management.

Tweet by Hon Commerce Minister and its reply available at this link.