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An analysis of May 2008

On 26 and 27 was only a suitable day for the farmers to sell rubber. However The month end stock with the following have to be analysed.

With Growers : 45510 Tonnes

With dealers and processors : 37745 Tonnes

With Auto tyre Units : 52950 Tonnes

Other manufacturers : 13185 Tonnes

Total : 149390 Tonnes

Total production for the month of May was 60115 Tonnes and sale by the Growers was 60145 Tonnes. Consumption was 71215 Tonnes and purchase by manufacturer was 62090 Tonnes. Import was 9950 Tonnes and export was 3123 Tonnes. At the month end the sufficient stock permitted the manufacturers to stay away from the market and reduced the price below International. The Average International price for RSS 3 was Rs.127.55/Kg and Domestic price for RSS 4 was Rs. 122.48/Kg. It means the import had been done on loss. But actually not, because the 0% import duty and VAT for Indian Rubber permits to play this game against farmers and small scale dealers. The sale on 26th and 27th was only from the bulk dealers which may be a commission to them to reduce price at the end of the month. The month end stock of Synthetic rubber increase to 31440 Tonnes on 31st May 2008 from 27630 Tonnes  of April 2008.

The stock with Grower is 45510 Tonnes which is imposiible because the stock with me was only 0.6 Kg fresh scrap. A positive missing raised 2557 Tonnes by the stock with farmer.

NR …………….April ………………May
Previous Balance 167120 156220
Production 57250 60115
Import 4391 9950
Availability 228761 226285
Consumption 70025 71215
Export 3261 3123
Missing -745 2557
Stock Balance 156220 149390
Total 228761 226285

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