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An open letter to hon. minister ShashiTharoor

A chat with the famous Freelance Journalist K.Govidankutty a sweetener.
Govindan: i would like to visit your farm one of these days…you know there is a great poem of walt whitman..saying

i would rather go and live in the midst of animals/because they do not fret and fume, they do not discuss their duty to god, they are not demented by the mania of owning things.
being with animals and plants is a creative exercise..perhaps more than with humans…
Keralafarmer: We have to understand Animals & Plants needs in time
Govindan: quite true…long before American botanists began hesitantly talking about it, aurobindo propounded a theory of animal consciousness..
ok. take care of your cows–holy among them in particular..

What all hurdles you have to overcome from the very first day you entered the Kerala political scene. The allegations like “never been in Kerala before”, “no knowledge of Malayalam” etc are some of them. The proof that the common voters of Trivandrum never cared about all these allegations can be seen from the fact that they elected you to the parliament with a majority close to 1 lakh votes. By making you a candidate of Congress party from Trivandrum Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were blessing the people of Trivandrum who were fed up with inept politicians.

Your increasing number of followers (media also has played a role in it) in Twitter has made so many people nervous. The “Cattle Cow” reference has taken you to more heights in Twitter. You should be “thanking Kanchan Gupta” for that. Now Twitter community has made you the “brand ambassador of Twitter in India”. Now so many people fear that the followers in Twitter may become a vote bank for you. It is the proof of your ability that you are able to develop a vote bank that is not based on religion, caste or politics.

We were thrilled by your message that once people elect their representative he should belong to the entire people of the constituency. We heard the statements of second string leaders of Congress party about your “cattle class” and “holy cow” tweets. They made you say an unnecessary sorry for a crime you never did. Even a farmer like me can understand that we should not translate those words “literally”.

Next time when you contest from Trivandrum you don’t need banner or cut-outs during the election time. You may be able to campaign using Computer, Twitter and black berry. Hopefully development in technology will make this happen. Next time you come to Kerala you may please spend some time with the twitter community in Trivandrum like you spend time with Delhi bloggers.

micro blogging at any page you are

micro blogging at any page you are

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