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Anti GM Crops Campaign

Invitation – Launching the i am no lab rat campaign – To stop GM Crops and Food
Dear Friends,
Please see attached an invitation for the Launch of a major campaign to stop GM crops in India.  We from Kerala need to join this National Campaign.  In the next two months a concerted effort is being made all over the country and eventually at Delhi to ask the Government, especially Dr Manmohan Singh, to Ban GM Crops and Food and Save Farmers, Consumers and the Environment.
PLease try to come to Ernakulam on 27th February at 3.00 pm at the SMS Hall, CUSAT.
There will be a discussion on the activities that can be done through out the State as well as National at 11.00 am on the same day at the same hall.  Please join us at 11.00 at SMS Hall, CUSAT on 27th February 2009.
Please call if you need further information.
S Usha : 9447022775
Sridhar R : 9995358205
Purushan Eloor : 9846666955

An Anti GM Campaign

Our last chance

You may be shocked but this is the truth. We just have one last chance to prevent this from happening to us. An unpredictable, dangerous technology is soon to be tested out on all Indians. The first Genetically Modified (GM) food – Bt Brinjal, will soon be launched in India on a commercial basis. GM food is created by taking genes from one organism like bacteria, spiders, frogs etc. and inserting them into the genome (gene sequence) of another unrelated organism like rice, wheat, brinjals etc. The insertion disrupts the genome and it is modified in ways one cant predict. These unpredictable modifications can result in adverse health-impacts for those who consume GM food. Studies with lab rats fed on GM, linked GM to stunted growth, impaired immune systems, bleeding stomachs, liver and kidney lesions etc. So, it is no surprise that majority of countries around the world have rejected GM food. The only proof in support of GM food safety comes from the companies themselves, who stand to gain from this. Even our health minister has come out strongly against GM food. It is time we stood up and refused to become lab rats in some genetic experiment of big companies.

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1 comment to Anti GM Crops Campaign

  • The recent reports from western countries indicate that they are baning the GM food stuff. Then how we can allow them to introduce in our land by these mutinational mafias? We must object…we must object…. we must object!