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Attention rubber cultivators

Save your soil as organic.

Don’t apply chemical Nitrogen to Soil which is acidic and reason to bring the pH very low.

Use organic manure like cowdung etc.

As a supplement use LIME to bring up pH of the soil in summer rain high as alkaline.

Apply Magnesium Sulphate to produce carbohydrates by photosynthesis for the availability of latex.

Deficiency of the secondary nutrients are the reason for brown bast and its related diseases.

Phosphate is a must one to overcome all deficiencies by strengthening growth of roots.

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Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals limited (RSMML) is one of the leading and progressive undertaking of the Government of Rajasthan. It occupies a place of pride in production and marketing of non metallic minerals of India. RSMML is multi mineral and multi location enterprise engaged in mining  of Rock Phosphate, Lignite, SMS grade Limestone and Gypsum. RSMML is not  only the leader in Mining & Selling of Rock Phosphate, Gypsum across the country, but also global pioneer in technology in open cast mining and mineral beneficiation of Carbonate Rock Phosphate.

Corporate Office:
4 Meera Marg, Udaipur 313 001, Rajasthan, India
Tel: +91-294-2428763/4/5/6/7 Fax: +91-294-2428770
Email: [email protected]

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: # 4 Meera Marg,, �
UDAIPUR – 313001
(Rajasthan) India

Test the SOIL to confirm the quality “not recommendations”.

A sample test results from three plots are available from a farmer as follows.

Think – what to apply for sustainability?

SL No N(Kg/ha) P(Kg/ha) K(Kg/ha) Ca(Kg/ha) OC(%) PH
E 223.44 8.97 105.28 128.912 0.896 4.769
A 160.875 15.347 124.32 191.856 0.836 4.93
C 232.375 57.931 175.84 163.856 1.015 4.929

If possible avoid chemical fertilizers to save the soil.

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