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Attention Rubber Farmers

From the past few months started to reduce the price of Natural Rubber. As a result of it in the first week of September price of RSS 4 was Rs. 140/kg and at the end of the month the price fell down at the rate of 4 to 5 rupees a day and reached Rs. 113/kg. At the same time International price shows a minimum price fluctuations for the month of September. On first April 2008 stock with manufacturers was 78635 Tonnes and on 30th of June the stock with them was 54445 Tonnes. In the coming months we can expect 12000 Tonnes with them because sufficient stock in the market will allow any time to purchase rubber. On April first Stock of Synthetic Rubber was 26225 Tonnes and on 30th June it increased the stock balance to 36335 Tonnes. A substitute of natural rubber is this synthetic rubber by varying the ratio. The sale of natural rubber by farmers was 183935 Tonnes and purchase by manufacturers was 169821 Tonnes from April to June. At the same period the Domestic price was below International and import was 21289 Tonnes. Who knows that how much was returned back to India from the exported 15208 Tonnes? On August 13th the International price of RSS 3 was Rs. 124.54/Kg and the Domestic price of RSS 4 was Rs. 140/Kg with a difference of Rs 15.46/Kg. The same trend continued at the entire month to bring up maximum stock at the end of August by collecting maximum from farmers. Thus the stock at the end of August with growers will be less and the Rubber Board will publish a higher stock with growers.  With the peak production in the coming months surplus stock will encourage the Rubber Board to promote export. No objection for Auto Tyre Manufacturers Association for this low priced export from India because it will help to reduce the International price.
On July second the websites Economic Times, Financial Express etc published the production of rubber upto 30th June (many of the rubber sheets are fresh and wet) as 62000 Tonnes and consumption as 72000 Tonnes collected from a senior official of rubber board according to the Rubber Board’s provisional data. The dealers/processors and manufacturers will submit the report up to 20th of July only. How the rubber board official can say after two days? After 90 days approximately same data published in monthly statistical news on first of October as production of 62200 Tonnes and Consumption of 74060 Tonnes. The pre planed statistics are against farmers to reduce price.
It is the time for farmers to take precautions. Do not provide a chance to export from the side of farmers. The main exporters are controlled by political parties which are co-operative societies. The Auto tyre manufacturers Association is not against the low priced export, because it will reduce the International price.

Thus farmers have to do like the following.
1. The trees with low productivity, less leaves and stunted growth of trees are have to provide tapping rest.
2. Sell rubber at the same quantity of previous months.
3. Balance rubber sheets are to be kept under own custody with well dried condition.
4. Influnce have to be done at market to sell at the rate of international price.
5. The joint venture of bulk dealers and manufacturers have to be identified.
6. Don’t believe on the tears on the reduced price by the Malayalam news paper of the biggest tyre manufacturer.

1 comment to Attention Rubber Farmers

  • says that the production increased up to September as 3.93 Lakh Tonnes and consumption rose up to 4.44 Lakh Tonnes which had been published by a senior Rubber Board official told PTI. Is it possible to publish all these statistical details with in seven days? Actually the growth in production increased by the rate from 23 rd August to 12 September above International to collect maximum from farmers. From the figures available on production and consumption shows that there no excess stock in the market. But the price went down fro 140 rupees to 101 rupees a kg with in few days. How it happened? It happened due to the joint venture of bulk dealers and manufacturers in India. The Dealers price (vyaparivila) publishing in Malayalamanorama is one more ingredient to reduce price which is not available in any official records.

    heavy fall in natural rubber prices says Businesstandard. But htese media don’t know about the higher prices from 23rd August to September 12. Rubber prices reach Rs 100 levelIt is the heavy drop in crude oil price and the US and European economic slowdown that created panic in the rubber mart the world over. There are reports from the US that the sale of automobiles would drop by 30 per cent.
    Economictimes says that “Consumption rose due to an increase in the production and export of vehicle tyres,” a senior Rubber Board official told media.