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Best Wishes to Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Best wishes to Dr. Tharoor for winning with a majority of 99998 Votes.
For a change, one cannot expect the young voters to massively vote for this handsome, high-profile candidate, as even their political allegiances are highly polarized and dedicated.

What then would be Tharoor’s fate? As calculated by the party, he would have to rely on the urban areas with progressive-minded professionals and young voters who are fed up with the traditional politicians of yore, who had given inspiring speeches but have consistently failed to deliver. Being a Nair would be an added advantage to Tharoor.

But beyond such caste calculations, Tharoor candidature and victory would symbolise reforms in the political system and the way in which representative and party politics is practised in this country.

Thus, if Tharoor manages a win, it will mark a renaissance not just for Kerala politics but also for the future of party politics in India.

It would kindle the hopes of many politically-inspired professionals and educated youth to join active politics and aspire to contribute directly to the country’s governance and policy making.
Courtesy :: Hindustantimes

3 comments to Best Wishes to Dr. Shashi Tharoor

  • RAJ

    Vakai Kamal ke leader hain……

    Bahut bahut badhai………….

  • शशि थरूर जैसे लोगों को इतने बहुमत से जिताने पर लगता है कि भारतीय मतदाता और समझदार हो रहा है और आने वाले कल, सभी फालतू लोगों को नकार देगा.

  • उन्‍हें बहुत बहुत बधाई।