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Billion-dollar drug company hides astounding discovery of a natural cancer killer

For seven years a major U.S. pharmaceutical company knew of an astounding cancer killer — but decided to tell nobody about it...ever!!
Billion-dollar drug company hides astounding discovery of a natural cancer killer
For seven years a major U.S. pharmaceutical company knew of an astounding cancer killer — but decided to tell nobody about it…ever!!

My Dear Friend,

There isn’t a scarier moment in anyone’s life than when a biopsy comes back positive. It’s cancer…It’s the beginning of a battle in which no holds are barred. Anyone with any sense will do almost anything at all to try and destroy the killer disease…

Imagine one pharmaceutical company had the answer…had it, as it was, for SEVEN FULL YEARS…yet, not only didn’t tell anyone about it—but decided not to tell anyone about it ever!?

Why? Because the substance they researched is completely natural so they couldn’t take out a patent on it.

For seven long years they tried to artificially mimic the compound’s effect in the lab but couldn’t. Mother Nature is the only thing that worked. They had no way to make money on the stuff—so they shelved all of their research.

Can you imagine how many Americans may have died in vain during that time?

Read on to learn the full story of the astounding tree from the Amazon Rainforest they kept from you—but that’s just the beginning.

Within the next 10 years almost 50% of all Americans will discover, to their horror, that the “tight feeling” is, indeed, a heart attack…

And almost one out of every three of them will die…

…completely needlessly!

Needlessly, because, right now, as you read these words, brilliant medical researchers are successfully treating cancer…heart disease…high-blood pressure…diabetes…osteoporosis…prostate problems…back pain…chronic fatigue…allergies…asthma and arthritis—without resorting to dangerous drugs or surgery.

Yet, while these therapies are available today—almost none of them will get to the people who need them so desperately for at least 10 years!

Can you, or someone you love dearly, afford to wait?

You need these breakthroughs now because you or someone you love may be in pain now…or taking toxic drugs…or facing surgery.

You may actually be in danger of losing your life. You need to know about all your options. And, unfortunately, your doctor doesn’t have all the answers. Chances are he doesn’t know about these cures himself! Hard to believe?

Over 10 years ago, a brilliant group of researchers set out to evaluate the cancer-blocking properties of the common mineral selenium. They found it reduced lung cancer risk by a whopping 46%, colon cancer risk by 58%, and prostate cancer by 62%!! Their findings were published in the Journal of The American Medical Association…seven years later!

Through no fault of his own, it could take your doctor an additional 10 long years to hear about a natural cancer treatment that’s revolutionary and could help make cancer more manageable. But is there a reason why you should wait that long to know? Absolutely not! I’ll tell you all about it—keep reading…

It will take most Americans another 10 years to be told the vitamin E they’ve been taking is NOT aiding them in their fight against heart disease. Chances are, even your doctor doesn’t know that a safe, more effective, form of vitamin E is just a single miracle-pill away! You, however, won’t have to wait that long. You’ll find the details if you keep reading.

And, similarly, your doctor knows there’s little that can be done against the ravages of aging. He may know that human growth hormone (HGH) can turn back your biological clock by as much as 20 years. But he also knows that HGH treatment is not only very expensive, but is also dangerous and fraught with severe side effects.

What your doctor probably doesn’t know, and isn’t likely to learn about for another 10 years, is that RIGHT NOW there’s an HGH treatment available that DOES NOT involve the administration of any hormone. This treatment is as effective as HGH hormone therapy, but is completely safe and costs about as much as a cup of coffee a day!

Imagine regaining lost muscle mass and tone…more hair…flexibility… sharper vision…thicker, smoother, and more supple skin…it’s available today and I’ll tell you all about it.

But, believe it or not, not knowing
about these cures isn’t the worst of it!

Some of the latest breakthroughs your doctor DOES know about and use are actually worse than the health problems he’s trying to solve!

Do you—or anyone you know—suffer from arthritis? Millions of Americans do. In some cases, the illness turns their lives into a living hell of disability and pain.

If you’re one of those people, just walk into any doctor’s office and I’ll bet you’ll walk out with an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

You’re probably nodding your head and saying: “been there…done that”…and I bet you’re still in pain! Do you know why? Because NSAIDs are ultimately ineffective in beating arthritis!

Yes, they mask the pain for a little while—but they don’t ever get to the root of the problem. What temporary relief you do find can come at a great cost. For starters, they can damage your liver and kidneys and induce gastrointestinal bleeding. Plus, they can actually make your arthritis worse by damaging your cartilage!

And all that suffering is needless!

I’ll tell you about an amazing compound that goes well beyond reducing arthritis pain. It can actually repair and rebuild damaged joints, and, in effect, help to reverse arthritis—without side effects!

So the question returns, more emphatic than ever:

If these cures are so wonderful, what keeps them away from the American people? Why is it happening?

Alas, your health is BIG business!

The main reason why natural, cutting-edge cures are doomed to remain the privilege of the very lucky few is because the mainstream medical establishment and the big drug manufacturers make sure of that.

No, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just that hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake. Like it or not, your health happens to be a huge business and the “big boys” of the establishment play hard ball, and they play for keeps.

Think about it for a moment: The most powerful drug makers in the world have invested hundreds of millions to create a number of anti-cholesterol drugs. These drugs are only partially effective and are laden with serious side effects.

So, you tell me: Why would those drug makers let anyone tell you that you can lower your cholesterol—without any side effects—by eating about 4 cents worth of…simple onion a day?

You have the right to know about all these breakthroughs today and make your own decisions. After all, it’s your life!

And this is why Health Sciences Institute, or HSI, was created.

Some of the most brilliant medical minds
on earth got together, because you have
the right to know NOW!

The obstacles that stand in the way of pioneering natural medical research scientists are immense. Dedicated researchers who wish to bring you breakthrough, life-saving, natural cures find their ways all but completely blocked.

…they face the scorn of the establishment and interest groups

…they face the financial pressure of drug makers (who, by the way, monitor almost all pharmacies and know almost to a “t” exactly how many prescriptions each doctor writes for their products. They actually call “underperforming” doctors to task!)

…they’re made to face suffocating, endless red tape

…they’re blocked at every step by out-of-control regulators

Traditionally, most of them just gave up…until now.

Now, for the first time ever, instead of throwing their hands up in frustration, a world-wide group of brilliant doctors and scientists did the unthinkable. They got together.

Pioneers of revolutionary medicine—from aging and allergies to cancer and heart disease—realized that with a combined voice they could get their discoveries to light—and bring them to you.

This is why they joined Health Sciences Institute—a unique members-only organization that’s dedicated to doing one thing: breaking the barriers big-money medicine has placed before revolutionary natural cures—and bringing breakthrough information on those cures to you RIGHT NOW!! No more waiting.

As a result, the Health Sciences Institute has become one of the world’s most important and revolutionary sources for cutting-edge medical information. Unlike anything before it, HSI doesn’t represent the opinion of a single, self-appointed “guru,” but contains the unmatched combined wisdom of the world’s most formidable medical minds.

And, as you’ll find ahead, Health Sciences Institute doesn’t just tell you about a new therapy—it also tells you where to get it, recommended dosages, what results you may reasonably expect, and how quickly.

HSI does all this through a monthly publication called the Health Sciences Institute Members Alert.

Almost overnight, the clear and easy-to-read HSI Members Alert , has become a legend in the alternative medical industry as the quintessential source for cutting-edge medical discoveries. Many physicians all over the world use the HSI Members Alert to bring their own patients medical solutions and treatments available nowhere else.

The reason I’m telling you this today is to invite you to become a member of the Health Sciences Institute—to become one of the privileged few who can learn ways to eradicate pain and illness from their lives today, while the rest of America, unfortunately, has to wait.

To help you make up your mind, we’ve gathered some of the recent natural healing breakthroughs discovered by Health Sciences Institute doctors and researchers in this report. The therapies detailed here are taken from the pages of the HSI Members Alert and are only a small sampling of the life-saving breakthroughs that can be yours.

Should you choose to become a member, the complete story of these exciting therapies is waiting for you in your FREE Advanced Healing Library. But I’ll tell you more about it later.

So, go ahead and read. When you’ve finished and are ready to make your decision, just ask yourself a simple question:

Can you and your loved ones afford NOT to know about any of this?

Sincerely yours,
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Director, Health Sciences Institute

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