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Bleeding of blood vessels on eye

FFI Results

These are the results we obtained from a private Hospital.


This is the notice of Matha Eye Clinic at Moongodu, Near Thachottukavu, Thiruvananthapuram.

Phone: 98470 57575


My wife lost the vision of her left eye with a black spot at the middle while looking. We went to a private hospital to treat her. Unfortunately we got the result that  it cannot be treated. They suggested that she have to take an injection which costs Rs. 10,000 or 50,000 each for three injections. We can choose the suitable one to ensure the stability of bleeding of blood vessels in her eyes. We accepted the suggestion of her nephew (Dental Doctor) to take a second opinion of another doctor. We went to a retired Govt eye specialist, but he also suggested the same treatment. However he send her to Govt eye hospital with referral OP to take treatment with a cost injection at Rs. 400 each. The doctor of eye hospital told us that we have to register for the medicine and to wait for the sanction of Govt. Other wise we have to purchase the same injection from out side with a cost of Rs. 35,000 for three injections. If the treatment is not success, then we have to take another dose.

One of my relative suggested to approach Matha eye clinic at Kudappanakkunnu, Trivandrum to treat her due to his earlier experiences. Both his son and daughter treated there for short site and he was fully satisfied on the Ayurvedic Treatment. We met retired professor from Ayurveda College Dr. Santhakumari to treat my wife. After showing the above images or results to her she told us to meet her at the new branch at Moongodu, Near Thachottukavu which was nearer to my house.

Admitted for the treatment of seven days ‘DHAARA’ and five days ‘THARPPANAM’. After the treatment with room and food including every thing from the hospital itself on cash payment Doctor told us to take five more days rest. After one week my wife got back the vision from the valuable Ayurvedic Treatment. Alopathy  have no remedy to treat this bleeding of blood vessel of eye. They are not sure on stability too.

Thanks to Ayurveda for getting back the vision of my wife.

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