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Buddha for Red Book rewrite to fight anti-industry lobby

Kolkata, January 3: Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has sought a change in CPI(M)’s tactical line to combat anti-industry lobby within the party and Left circles as well.

In the run up to the party’s state conference and party congress beginning January 13, Bhattacharjee on Thursday called for changes in Party Programme & Tactics, the Red Book for every CPI(M) cardholder. “In our party programe, land and agricultural questions have been addressed properly, earlier. But, in the changed context, a right tactical line should be adopted,” said Bhattacharjee. The changed context, he said, was the imperative need to industrialise the state to ease the burden on agriculture.

“There is no alternative to industrialisation without capitalism, even though we know that socialism is the best structure,” he said on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of Ganashakti, the party organ.

“The Government does not have the capital (to invest)…. the reality has compelled me to invite private capital and there is no alternative to this,” said Bhattacharjee, who has found himself under siege in his second term after his grand plans to invite big industry and set up SEZs called for the acquisition of farmland.

Party sources said Bhattacharjee’s comments should be read to mean that the party had to make some changes in its basic thinking to allow for the acquisition of farmland and induction of private capital. The Government has made it clear on earlier occasions that the state has very little barren land, amounting to just one per cent of available land area, and large projects cannot do without some farmland.

“The state conference and the party Congress will debate these issues, since there are two lines of thought,” a senior party leader said. “One school—the old leaders based on land movement—are against farmland acquisition and the entry of private capital. The other is the changing face led by Bhattacharjee, which appreciates reality.”

The Chief Minister said: “Of the total available land, 23 per cent is occupied by industry and urban areas. Those who oppose our programme want us to stay within this. But we need at least another two or three per cent.”

A wiser Bhattacharjee also called for a proper rehabilitation policy, proper valuation and identification of land.

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