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Second step belogs to “QRMS”

From the discusion between the representatives of CEAT Tyres and us we came to know that we have to dispose 16 Tonnes of RSS 4 (Only) to them like other dealers. We know that we have to face market flectuations etc. We have to build up the capability to survive the market flectuations to keep our members united. We have to do the following for marketing:-

1. Humidity controlled storage to keep as reserve stock of 16 Matric tons.

2. CST & VAT registrations have to be done. Dealer Licence is available with us.

3. A meeting  to collect more farmers with the briefing of minimum quality and the benifit of price share by avoiding middlemen.

4. Best farmers of our society will collect latex to prepare more RSS 4 sheets.

5. We will introduce small growers to build their own smoke houses on less expences to dry sheets within 24 hrs.

6. We will brief other farmers about the terms and conditions of CEAT Tyres on sale deed.

Other points will be published later.

2 comments to Second step belogs to “QRMS”

  • Pankaj Bhatnagar

    dear mr nair
    i wish you very best in your efforts to infuse new thinking and ways to work

  • Thanks Mr Pankaj Bhatnagar,
    I am a Farmer. That is why I have to think for the farmers and the irregularities in marketing. The view of Manufacturers are not in favour of farmers. At this situation we will try to avoid the irregularities through our marketing by displaying RSS 4 sheets at the spot of purchase. The purachased price, incidentals, selling price, selling grade etc will transparently circulate within the members of this charitable society which was an aim of RPS. Unfortunately the functions of RPS’s are not transparent in our views. But for sale of RSS 4 sheets RPS’s can join with us if they are in favour of farmers. I will continue publishing statistics with diagnosis to show the World about the mathematical errors by the Indian Rubber Board.