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Koduvally Model Waste Mangement


Waste management can be incorporated in our daily life in a very simple way. We can follow the method adopted by koduvally Panchayath of Kozhikode District, Kerala State. They have taken up it as a Group mobilisation activity of Animal Husbandry Department under ATMA 2012-13. For this program there was a total allotment […]

Organic Waste Management

This is the Thumboormuzhi Model Aerobic Compost plant. We can manage the organic waste into compost with in 90 days with out any bad smell or leaching. By using 60 concrete bricks it can be build in the terrace or in the yard on 1800 rupees of cost. Roof can be selected according to […]

An open letter to Veterinary Agricultural Universities

Any body can help me to translate the article to English.


Express your Views on Anna Lokpal Bill