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Rubber Statistics with Anomaly

The Indian Rubber Board publication ” monthly rubber statistical news “ published online from December 2001. Why it happened? The QRMS (Quality Rubber Marketing Society) started to function from 1999. QRMS purchased the same with an Annual payment of Rs 25 we felt to saw that it was an information on opening stock, production, import, […]

Anomaly in Rubber Statistics

Anomaly in Rubber Board’s stock calculation a worry: Trade bodies


KOCHI: Disturbed by the anomaly in August 2014 data on the country’s natural rubber (NR) stock published by the Rubber Board, tyre and rubber trade bodies have written to the Union ministry of commerce, saying this discrepancy will have significant consequences for all stakeholders.


Farmers can’t escape

Farmers lost their confidence on getting profit from Agriculture. From the bottom Panchayath level to Central spending so many crores in Agricultural sector. Farmers are not getting any benefit from it equally on their share in farming. Once the economists said that the inflation is due to the price hike of food produces in India. […]

Rubber Policy

National Research Programme on Plantation Development (NRPPD)

Read this in Malayalam which is more fluent to handle.

I was a stakeholder participated in the discussion on Rubber Growers group. Unfortunately non of my points included in the presentation by Sri Siby Monipally. The Audio available as a Video Clip in Youtube with the […]