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Reason for the price fall of natural rubber

The storage of buffer stock up to 5 lakh Tonnes on Natural Rubber by Thailand was the main reason for a great fall on price. The duty paid import to India at lower price than domestic with out anti-dumping duty is another reason. The duty paid import is for […]

Updated Monthly Rubber Statistics

The data updated as per Vol 36 of 2013 published by the Rubber Board as monthly rubber statistics.


Missing in Rubber Statistics

Total availability by adding opening stock, Production and Import can’t tally the balance stock by subtracting Consumption and Export with out a MISSING figure. This missing figure is the reason for the price fluctuation which is for the Economic loss to India. Visual grading system permits the dealers to purchase on lower grade to sell […]

Rubber Stats and Missing

From 1996-97 to the present by the analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics a missing figure is a need to tally the balance stock. By the addition of opening stock, Production and Import will provide the availability. Subtracting Consumption and Export the Balance Stock can’t tally with out a missing figure. The mathematical error purposefully done […]