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A chat in Google talk

11:41 AM Jisso: Hi
My name is Jisso and i am from bangalore
11:42 AM ഞാന്‍: tell me
Jisso: i was reading through your posts reagarding pattamarappu
sound very interesting….
i do have some basic doubts…
can i ask you…
ഞാന്‍: Yes
11:43 AM Jisso: I works in IT industry in bangalore.. but one of my primary interest is agriculture and farming…
hence these questions…
ഞാന്‍: tell me
11:44 AM Jisso: I heard, in high range area’s like idukki and wayanad rubber farming is very tough becasue of this patta marappu… is that true ?
Did your solution will work in those climates ?
11:45 AM ഞാന്‍: All over in all areas because of deficiency of Magnesium which can produce live cells in new bark
11:46 AM Magnesium is the metalic constituent of chrophyll
necrosis is the decease called pattamarappu
Jisso: i see
11:47 AM ഞാന്‍: Firstly every body to test the soil pH which is an important one
Jisso: okey…
ഞാന്‍: If the pH is above 6 then only the application of magnesium sulphate will effect to trees
11:48 AM Jisso: okey…
usually in high range area’s what will be the pH ?
or is that depend on each every location/land ?
11:49 AM atleast did you see a pattern in those areas ?
11:51 AM Jisso: sorry to bother you with my silly questions…
ഞാന്‍: Application of Chemical N and acid rain in summer are the reason for low pH
11:52 AM Jisso: so if i say pattamarappu is nothing do with climate.. is that correct ?
ഞാന്‍: Hotest climate also the reason for brown bast
Jisso: okey…
11:53 AM ഞാന്‍: Photosynthesis increases and shortage of water & magnesium will cause Brown bast (pattamarappu)
11:54 AM Jisso: okey…
11:55 AM where i can do a soil test ?
ഞാന്‍: Magnesium is a must for plants, trees, flies, animals and human beings
Jisso: okey… i understand…
ഞാന്‍: CTCRI Trivandrum
But they will not test for Rubber.
11:57 AM Say for some other crops
11:58 AM OR ask them to find out other locations for testing soil pH etc.
Jisso: ok
11:59 AM ഞാന്‍: Recomendation of fertilizers are wrong
by these laboratories
12:00 PM Jisso: okey.. so from your experience.. we should not listen to their fertilizers recommendations rt ?
12:01 PM ഞാന്‍: Yes we have to find out solutions
to maintain soil health
12:02 PM Jisso: okey…
ഞാന്‍: lime will bring up pH to required level which is following now by Rubber Board at marthoma estates
Jisso: okey great
ഞാന്‍: But they are again applying NPK
Jisso: oh..
12:03 PM so how is their results ?
ഞാന്‍: will be better but not sustainable
Jisso: okey…
12:04 PM ഞാന്‍: Avoid rubbercoat is an another thing
Jisso: see… i have 4 acares of land in waynad …. i am just started thinking of doing some farming there… but not decided which item… rubber or any other…..
ഞാന്‍: Lenticells are for photosynthesis and respiration + food storage
12:05 PM Jisso: so do you advice me to do a soil test first to figure out whether rubber will come there or i should go for any other crop….
whats your advice based on your experience ?
12:06 PM ഞാന്‍: Soil can be prepared to cultivate any thing
Organic peat soil + applications of secondary nutrients
12:07 PM magnesium, calcium & sulpher
bye for now

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