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Copyright protection required

Non of the Agricultural scientists didn’t proved the reason and remedy for ‘Brown bast OR TPD’ till now. As a farmer I am unable to do the needfull action to protect me from copying or violating the findings of a farmer from my tear and wear. From the experiments and experiences I find out the reason and remedy for this disease. The evidences are available in my previous blog posts in Malayalam  (An image of search result on 7-3-07) and English.

All the inventions published by the scientists related with Agriculture was done from the findings of poor farmers who were hard workers. I have to re-write it by publishing through internet media (especially blogs) with out any hidden facts. What ever may be the findings available with me are sharing free for other farmers.

The following  athorities have  to say about my findings are  correct or not. Unfortunately they are silent on this matter.

  1. Indian Rubber BoardIndian Rubber Institute in this issue.
  2. IRRDBInternational Rubber Research and Development Board in this issue

Hereby I declare that copying the ‘reason and remedy for Brown bast’ is restricted for others to re-publish it without my permission.

This page transulated by google to some other language.

An information received from Copyscape as My page been Copied

Key words: Brown bast OR TPD OR A complete remedy for Brown bast

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  • എന്റെ പേജ്‌ കോപ്പിയടിച്ചതായി കൊപ്പിസ്കേപ്പ്‌ മുന്നറിയിപ്പിനല്‍കുന്നു. ബൂലോഗരെ എന്നെ ഒന്നു സഹായിക്കുമോ? എന്റെ യോഗ്യത എസ്‌എസ്‌‌എല്‍‌സി ആണെന്ന്‌ വീണ്ടും പറയേണ്ടിവന്നതില്‍ ഖേദമുണ്ട്‌.