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Kerala State Debit Relief

‘Everything else can wait but not agriculture’. So said Pandit Nehru in 1947, when the nation was being dawned into independence. Relief measures


to distressed farmers are no exception. Otherwise they will not wait to receive what ever offered. Our experience all over India testifies this fact. Realising this, the Kerala Legislative Assembly in a special session enacted the Kerala State Farmers’ Debt Relief Act 2006, Act 1 of 2007, herein after referred to as the Act, to provide possible relief to the farmers distressed due to indebtedness. Conceiving this spirit in its real perspective, this Commission started its work on 11-4-2007, ie; within two days of its inauguration at Palakkad on 9-4-2007, without waiting for the setting up of office, appointment of staff or allotment of fund.

The Commission as per its order dated 18th April 2007, initiated suo motu proceedings, in terms of section 5(1)a of the Act, to recommend to Government to declare the entire area of Wayanad Revenue District as distress affected area. There after enquiry was conducted holding sittings at Govt. Guest House, Suthanbathery on 3rd, 4th, 16th and 17th May 2007 and in Govt. Guest House, Thiruvananthapuram on 23rd May, 30th May, 6th June and 13th June 2007. Sufficient publicity was given for the hearings conducted in Sulthanbathery, including by publication of notices in Revenue offices, Krishi Bhavans and Panchayat Offices in the district. Press releases were issued in the locally prevalent news papers which carried news items of the sittings in prominent pages. Apart from the revenue officials and the officials of Agricultural Department and Economics and Statistics Department, Representatives of lead bank M/s Canara Bank, District Cooperative Bank, two Agricultural Development Banks in the District, several Primary Cooperative Banks, office bearers of farmers organsations, MLAs S/Shri Shreyamskumar and Krishna Prasad and presidents or members of various panchayats at different levels and several farmers themselves were present at the time f hearings conducted at Sulthanbatheri. While at Thiruvanathapuram, we could collect details from the officials of Planning Board, Kerala Agriculture Prices Board, Spices Board, Tea Board, Coffee Board, NABARD, State Cooperative Bank, State Cooperative Agricultural Development Bank, Vegetable and Fruits Promotion Council, Registrar of Cooperative Societies and the Director of Economics and Statistics. Dr. Prabhat Patnaik, Vice-chairman, Planning Board and Dr. Thomas Varghese, Chairman, Kerala Agricultural Prices Board have also come more than once for the hearings to aid and assist the Commission during the enquiry undertaken by it. Sri Sainath, Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu, also at our request took pain to come over to Thiruvananthapuram, to apprise us of the details he had collected during his investigation on the distress of farmers in Wayanad District and its various facets. We place on record our regards to and appreciation of the services rendered by them all.

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