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Domestic Price on 12-07-08

The media, bulk dealers and manufacturers will decide the price of 12-07-08 due to the nonavailability of updated data in the website of Rubber Board. The Rubber Board mentioned the reason for lower price in India far below International as under on daily prices.

The prices shown above do not include VAT and expenses towards packing, transportation, warehousing and other incidentals.

When the domestic prices goes up above International on many occasions what will they say?

Indian Rubber Board published the International prices on 11-07-08, but they became unable to collect Domestic prices. The International price gone up may be a reason for not publishing domestic prices. Indian Rubber Board was trying to reduce prices by following International price. The increasing trend is not digestive one for them. The viwers have to wait up to monday to fetch market price. Already the website of Rubber Board is “Reported Attack Site” which may be difficult for the MS users. (It is rectified on 12-07-08).Thanks to GNU/Linux for protecting me from the virus on the site of Rubber Board.

The performance of the website of Rubber Board was hidden for the last few days by “Reported Attack Site”. The analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics published in this blog may be verified by the readers. It appears that virus is the creation of the Rubber Board itself in order to hide this fact.The virus was removed at the  Friday midnight (attacked again today 12-07-08).

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