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Rubber meet decides to step up exports

Presiding over the meeting, Mr Sajan Peter, Chairman of the Board, said the international price was ruling higher than the domestic price by about Rs 10 and Indian growers had every right to get the equivalent of the international price for their produce.

Several exporters suggested that the rising trends in the international markets after a relative lull for a few months were advantageous for exports.

Many exporters, including Periyar Latex , a company sponsored by the Rubber Board have already contracted for exports in the coming weeks. The Rubber Board is committed to ensure that the Indian farmer gets the benefits of globalisation, said Mr Peter. (This news is from Hindubusinessline)

As a farmer I have to know about Export Import game against farmers under the pretext of Globalisation. For eg. the price of Natural rubber from April 2006 to September 2006 was lower than International price which was situation available for export. But how a farmer can believe about the import at the same time with a heavy loss by the manufacturers (actually it is not). In the view of peak season from October to January 2007 the price was higher than International to bring the month end stock higher through which is impossible to digest. Because the higher price in the peak season will effect against the small scale Industries. Now from February the price again lowered to export at the time of low production. We have to believe that a portion of export will come back as import on lower than Domestic price. The evidence are available in the diagnosis of Indian Rubber Statistics by me as price. It is collection of daily price of both Domestic and International with an average per month. Also included the monthly export and import on unbelievable circumstances.

This post is an information to the major rubber producing Countries in the World  about the unwanted export of India to reduce Internetional Price.

Sorry for the poor standard of English.

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