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Findings from experiments and experiences

The following findings related with rubber may be helpful to others.

  1. At the time of collection of latex high drc at bottom and low drc on top, it will coagulate quickly. Collection of low drc at bottom and high drc on top will not coagulate.
  2. Application of magnesium in acidic soil or with chemical  ‘N’ (NPK Mixture) will be the reason for coagulation of latex within the bark itself.
  3. At the time of preparing sheets in hot atmosphere or heavy sun shine will not permit the latex to coagulate properly by mixing formic acid. Because formic acid reacts with heat, solar, spark etc.
  4. If the drc is low percentage of formic acid requires more and on high drc requires less due to the difference of coagulating agents.
  5. Mixing of cold water is better for coagulation of latex on mixing formic acid. The colour at the top of the sheets also remain as original colour of latex without adding sodium sulphate or sodium bi sulphate.
  6. Fresh rubber sheets can be washed and dipped into clean lime water to neutralise formic acid. These sheets can be dried in sunshine without any reaction of heat equivalent to air dried sheets in the International market.
  7. Latex is flowing from bottom to top over phloem. Thus on a scratch on bark at the bottom will get low drc and in the upper portion above taping level will get high drc. That is why IUT & CUT are not a way of tapping to increase productivity.
  8. Availability of low drc at the time of taping will be a reason for swelling of wood and high drc permits the bark to grow. Content in cambium like water helps the wood to grow and thicker contents helps to grow phloem, milk vessels, cork cambium & bark.
  9. The availability of green new bark will not permit Brownbast/TPD disease. Avoid petroleum products like rubber coat to help photosynthesis on new bark. Magnesium is the metallic constituent of chlorophyll.
  10. Rain guard will not permit photosynthesis and will grow fungal diseases. At low photosynthesis preparation of latex within the tree will be less and taping interwel have to be increased to avoid the loss of carbohydrates.
  11. Controlled burning of leaves after seasonal leaf fall can destroy insects, pests, phytophthora in the air etc. and lignin in the leaves. The rain water can be filtered to fill ground water. Nitrogen, carbon and water will loss which will get back from space.
  12. In RRII 600 the flow of latex is from right bottom to left top. Thus the taping is better from left lower and right upper level.
  13. If taping on RRII 600 left upper and right lower level the bark will dry above the lower level of taping by the application of ethephon and will be the reason for brown bast/TPD.
  14. TPD occuring mainly from taping/harvesting and it can be avoid from required input of balanced neutrients. Rest is required to maintain the TPD effected trees to build up phloem and then milk vessels for a long period.
  15. By avoiding poisons within the estate cows can feed grasses and production cost can be reduced.
  16. Pesticides, fungicides and weedicides are harmful to soil and earthworms. Earthworms are gauge to mesure the quality of soil.
  17. In winter number of taping days have to be reduced due to low photosynthesis. In summer application of magnesium is a remedy to increase dripping rate and to protect bark with the help of photosynthesis.
  18. Oxygen & hydrogen from water through soil and carbon from the air required to prepare carbohydrates by the magic of green parts of a tree.
  19. In winter sheets can be dried within 24 hours on 70 degree celcious heat on small size and insulated cabin of driers. Insulation under roof will protect the dripping of water from the top on sheets.
  20. Humidity controlled storages can keep the sheets safe for a long time.

The remaining points will be published. Kindly inform me for mistakes like spelling, grammar etc for corrections. Because I am not with any accademic knowledge. 

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