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First step of “Direct Marketing” starts

Ceat Tyres Thankfully welcomes the representatives of CEAT Tyres on 25-5-07 for discussions for a direct sale of Natural Rubber from farmers by improving quality according to requirement. Quality Rubber Marketing Society will take the initiative to provide farmers and workforce to fulfill the requirement of the Tyre Manufacturer through avoiding middlemen (Dealers, Co-operative Marketing Societies, Companies of Indian Rubber Board, Processors etc.) with minimum incidentals. This society QRMS is registered under charitable societies act and it will function as per bi-law. QRMS can function without any capital and works on – no loss no profit basis.

After an eight years of trial  now the movement from Ceat Tyre is precious for farmers to improve quality. In Trivandrum district only one source to sell quality sheets was Rubbermark who were purchasing RSS 4, RSS 5, ISS, IDS etc and selling RSS 1x with poor quality. There is no stock/sale of RSS 1 to RSS 3 by them. This action under an IPS officer (MD) is harmful to farmers and manufacturers. The biggest exporter like this Rubbermark was playing a game in Marketing. A need of solution is now on door from the side of Ceat Tyres. I am thankful to Sri Ramachandran for his sincere approach.
We have nothing to hide on price, quality and availability with each other. The co-operation beyond cast, religion and party politics is our gain to provide a link between workforce, farmers and manufacturers. We will consider Workforce on our personal gain for sustainability. All my inventions are dedicated to the farmers/members of QRMS who are co-operating with us.

Thankful to Ceat Tyres

Secretary QRMS

S.Chandrasekharan Nair,

Shri Raghav, Perukavu,

Peyad – PO, Thiruvananthapuram 695 573

Ph. 0471 2283033 Mob: 9447183033

Email: [email protected]

1 comment to First step of “Direct Marketing” starts

  • Pankaj Bhatnagar

    Congratulations Mr Ramchandran. It is always better to light a candle than to curse darkness.Hope your radical step will trigger a positive response from all the interested parties.
    keep it up