To operate LCD Projector in GNU-Linux

LCD Projector to work on GNU/Linux Open Synaptic Search ‘lxrandr’ Rt click and Mark Press Apply Close Synaptic Press alt+f2 A window opens and add ‘lxrandr’ Press enter Display Settings Window will open If LCD is connected then two option will be available The selected item can be worked

Important – After opning the […]

Foster 09 in Amrita Eng College

An invitation as a speaker in Amrita Vishvavidyapeetham. I am not fluent in English, but i can handle English, Hindi and Malayalam. However my presentation was in English which was a challenge in FOSTER 09 in my own Farmer English, because there I saw few students who don’t know Malayalam. I shared my mind […]

Few pictures of FSFS

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Conference on Free Software

Free Software Free Society Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture

Speaker Events Adam Arvidsson Ethical economy Alan Story Talk by CopySouth Anand Babu Periasamy GlusterFS – GNU Cluster File System Anil Nair Free Software for Free Media Aslam Raffee. Free Software and Global South Binod P.G Building and hosting your […]