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Government of India should import iron and steel and supply it to rural India

Hon. Dr Manmohan Singhji,

Prime Minister, Govt. of India.

New Delhi.

Subject:-Government of India should import iron and steel and supply it to rural India.

Respected Sir,

Government has reduced the import duty on wheat, rice, edible oil and pulses to zero so as to bring down the inflation. Government has also stopped the export of all these commodities. Before govt. took this step farmers were getting good price for these agriculture produce. Cereals and pulses were sold for 2500 rs. to 2700 rs. per quintal. But now farmers are getting only 2100 rs to 2200 rs for tur and 2300rs to 2400 for chana. Wheat is sold below 1000 rs per quintal now ie below minimum support price. There is also depression in the oil seed prices.

May the govt. be of any political party, to import and depress the price of agriculture produce , in the name of bringing down inflation, is the common policy executed by all of them. To import wheat at higher prices and sell in the local market via public distribution system at subsidized low rates is the common practice. This year wheat price was 1400 to 1600 in the world market. But farmers in India were getting only 900 rs to 1000 rs. per quintal.

Today in the world market pulses are 600 to 700 US $ per tonne. 2500 to 3000 rs per quintal is the price of imported chana and tur. But govt of India is importing these commodities via NAFED and STC at 15% subsidized rate. This is causing depression in the prices of pulses in the local market. Similarly govt. has declared the policy of importing the palm oil and selling it in the local market at the rate 15% lesser than the rate bought.

Respected sir , in our country, in the pretext of controlling inflation, prices of essential commodities are strictly kept under control. But when will we accept that the producer of essential commodities, the farmer also faces inflation. Also why isn’t farm labourers considered eligible for implementation of sixth pay commission?

Government is now a days trying hard to bring down the prices of steel and cement. But industrialists have not yet yield to the govt. pressure.

On this background we urge you to import cement and steel and sell it in the local rural market at subsidized rate. If that is done then, those who are living in the mud houses for generations will have the opportunity to build pucca cement houses for themselves


Vijay Jawandhia

Shetkari Sanghatana


1 comment to Government of India should import iron and steel and supply it to rural India

  • Venu

    BTW, you addressing this letter to Manmohan Singh is like speaking to choir. He is the problem, so how can he solve it? He himself, Chidambaram, even BJP is one and all. None of these politicians have their roots in rural India and none of them care about rural economy. So don’t expect them to to any thing about any thing. The best way to solve these problems is by creating awareness.