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High Volatility in Price Why?

Spot rubber gets covering groups’ support

Due to the festival Onam in Kerala the stock with the farmers will come to market which is above International price. It will create month end stock with Growers will be minimum.  To bring the month end stock higher Indian Rubber Board also will publish stock with Growers as on 31st August will be higher than real stock.

Evidence of High Volatility in Price

This image shows the high volatility of purchasing price from farmers. The price of RSS 3 at International market and RSS 4 at Domestic market from 1st August to 22nd Aug 2007 is available in this image which is published by Indian Rubber Board on their website. Is there anybody to control or look after this?

Indian Rubber board is the pioneering agency to take action on this matter. The farmers are unknown about the grading system of rubber sheets, because the sample sheets and price or GREEN BOOK is not displayed with the dealers who are license holders issued by the Indian Rubber Board. It is a challenge against farmers by the co-operation of middlemen and some of the manufacturers. The selling grade and price are unknown to the public. Actually the grade-wise quantum of purchase and sale including both prices have to be published to ensure transparency.

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