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open source Hindi Speech Recognition System

Recently, we have built an open source Hindi Speech Recognition System which is freely available at –

This system is based on CMU Sphinx3 package. hindiasr package provides the basic acoustic models for north Indian hindi speakers. These models can be plugged into any application by using Sphinx APIs. I  hope that these acoustic models will be useful for many open source application developers, who want to integrate a Hindi speech recognition system into their application. Developers are welcome to use this system freely for developing various applications which will be useful for Indian society.

The latest release of hindiasr is HindiASR-2.0 .  For detailed information about how to run the system (on Linux Platform) please check out the README2_0.txt from this release.

Sachin Joshi

3 comments to open source Hindi Speech Recognition System

  • ज्ञाता लोग लाभ उठाएं. जानकारी के लिए आभार.

  • Sachin

    यह बिलकुल उलटा है. यह सोफ्टवेअर हिन्दि मे बोली गयी बाते लिख सकता है. कृपया इस पोस्ट के टाईटल को बदल दे. धन्यवाद.

    सचिन जोशी

  • सचिन जोषी जी बदल दिया हैं – मेरा गलती को सुधारने में आप ने जो मदद की उसकेलिये शुक्रिया –