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Is brown bast a desease?

In this audio in Malayalam  Jt. Rubber Production Commissioner Venugopal announces in front of the Scientists of RRII at Kottarakara 0n 4-12-09 that brown bast is not a disease.

PHLOEM NECROSIS (BROWN BAST DISEASE) IN HEVEA BRASILIENSIS – The disease known as brown bast is prevalent in all tropical Countries whre hevea brasiliensis is grown on a large scale for commercial purposes, especially in plantations where tapping is in progress and it is regarded at the present time at the most serious malady to which the para rubber tree is liable………… See the image of first page

By a search on Google we can get more informations on brown bast.

I will update  more about brown bast OR Phloem Necrosis OR Bark Necrosis to prove that this is a disease  on this post.

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