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Rubber Statistics Jan 2008

Price International RSS3 & Domestic RSS 4The updated details available for January 2008 including average price of Domestic and International prices. A few details and analysis about Indian Natural Rubber are displayed in this excel worksheets for the verification of VISITORS of this Blog. As a farmer I can say that the production in January 2008 will be less than previous year due to the seasonal leaf fall began approximately 15 days earlier. Thus the leaf diseases in summer will be less and the productivity may increase in the year 2008-2009.

Zonal seminar conducted by Rubber Board on 29th January at Kerala state Co-operative Bank Auditorium is over. At that occasion the Chairman encouraged the Rubber producers Societies to produce RSS 1x sheets which is not required to Indian Manufacturers to export through the Companies of Rubber Board. But the export of Natural Rubber for the last 12 years was 33,30,000 Tonnes and Import was 43,50,000 Tonnes as per Annual Rubber Statistics Vol. 30 of 2007 on pages 61 & 62.

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