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Koduvally Model Waste Mangement


Waste management can be incorporated in our daily life in a very simple way. We can follow the method adopted by koduvally Panchayath of Kozhikode District, Kerala State. They have taken up it as a Group mobilisation activity of Animal Husbandry Department under ATMA 2012-13. For this program there was a total allotment of Rs. 60,000/-. 12 groups (Women) each having 5 members were selected and the fund allocation is Rs. 5000/- per Group.

In the program it has planned to collect waste from Koduvally Town and process the biodegradable waste by “Thumboomuzhi Method of Aerobic Composting Technique”. The program is well supported by the Grama Panchayath, Kudumbasree, Shop Owners, Agriculture and health departments and the Public. Three round discussions were held, a committee is formed for the implementation of the program and the program is planned as follows.

There are around 250 shops in Koduvally Town including fish, meat and vegetable markets. Shop owners are requested to deposit their wastes in two separate bins. One for bio degradable waste and the other for plastic and other inorganic waste.

For the implementation of the program following things are purchased. Five Ferro Cement Tanks (Bins), Thumboormuzhi Model for depositing and processing waste for Rs.42,500/-. These tanks are Kerala Veterinary University’s developed products. Transportation cost from Trisur to Kozhikode was Rs. 5750/-. Also purchased one Urbana, one Net, one shovel, one trowel, 3 large buckets, Registers and a few other items.

One major issue which had to be addressed was where to install the waste bins. Mrs. Khadeeja, Parabathukavu has agreed to take the responsibility to place the bins in her compound. Another important aspect was proper management of the bin ie. to fill the bin with optimum levels of cow dung, source of carbon like dry leaves, put the waste correctly into the bin with good care and attention. The members of the selected Groups had been given a detailed training on Thumboormuzhi Model of Aerobic Composting Technique. Mrs.Kadeeja, Parabathukavu has agreed to do the bin management also. For these two jobs the committee has agreed to pay her Rs. 100/- as rent for keeping bins and Rs. 100/- for bin management Daily.

Three persons have been selected to collect the waste from the shops in the big buckets purchased, biodegradable and other waste separately. They will be paid Rs. 150/- each daily.

Plastic waste and other unwanted non degradable wastes was another big problem. These wastes also has to be collected daily. Another Group member has agreed to manage these wastes ie. to wash, clean and dry them and keep in gummy bags. For this job also she will be paid Rs. 150/- daily. Once in a month the Panchayath will take these non degradable waste to Recycling Centres.

A small amount will be collected from each shop daily as a fee for picking up their waste. For waste up to 5 Kg s. 10/- and above 5 Kg Rs. 15 to 20/- according to the quantity of waste.

It is planned to open a joint account in the name of the Panchayath President and CDS chairperson in Koduvally Service Co-operative bank. Collected amount will be remitted to the account daily and workers involved will be paid in the weekends. Work supervision and cash accounting is entrusted to a CDS and CDS chair person will do overall supervision with the help the Panchayath Officials. The CDS and CDS Chairperson will be paid an honorarium on a monthly basis. In order to keep the bins away from rain water, embankment using mud and ecofriendly roofing is also done. Formal inauguration of the progarmme is on 1st November 2012.

Filled bins will be left for three months for processing. Processed waste is superior quality manure which can be sold. The manure will be analysed by the Agriculture Department and quality Certificate will be obtained. This high quality manure will be branded and marketed as 5 Kg paper bags by Group  Members.

This programme gives importance to Women Empowerment. This programme is a great solution in waste Management for even years to come also at the same time ecofriendly and income generating.

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