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Game of Latex prices

The price of centrifuged latex is far below the prices of RSS sheets. The Chairman  Rubber Board anounces the farmers to prepare RSS sheets inliue of 60% drc latex. The average price of 60% drc latex for the month of July was Rs. 82.59/Kg and for August was Rs. 84.19/Kg. The price published in monthly rubber statistics (The image published from the monthly statistics) shows a price of Rs. 147.72/Kg. The difference was 65.13/Kg as profit, transportation, prossesing expences etc. Is it a reasonable one? 2006-07 – exported 60% drc latex was 16056.427 Tonnes and the dry rubber content in it was 9633.853 Tonnes. But the price and quantity was calculated on 60% drc latex which includes 40% other than rubber. The International importers and the consumers are not aware of the purchasing price for 100% drc from farmers. For eg. by the sale of 100 kgs field latex by a farmer which is 30% drc, then the famer will only get the price for 30 kg below the price of RSS 5.

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