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Why the price of Natural Rubber going higher?

When the crude oil price was above 140 $ the natural rubber price per kg also was near about 140 rupees. Now the price of crude oil price fall down below 34 $ the natural price have to come down up to 34 rupees per kg. Why this is not happening?By throwing two shoes  on Bush the value of the shoe is One Crore. That means demand increasing for Rubber. 🙂

The average production published by the Rubber Board  is compared with a farmers production on 454020 hectares.

The latest updates are available in this spread sheets of

production from April to Dec 2008

All spread sheets published available in this page. The missing of Synthetic Rubber on September was -7440 Tonnes. This is the way of help from Rubber Board. The actual production in Nov & Dec 2008 will be less than earlier months. The Rubber Board will publish a high production by maximum stock with farmers which is not in real ground.

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