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New discuss facility in economic times

Courtesy: Economic times

Discuss this story with other readers. Click on ‘Discuss’ link at the top and bottom of the story. To know more about this feature click ‘here’.
Here is your chance to get in touch with the best and brightest financial and business brains all over the world. is happy to introduce the ‘Discuss’ functionality in all its story pages. This live chat feature that will enable you to discuss any story with any other interested reader around the world. All you need to do is click on the ‘Discuss’ link inside any story. A chat window will pop open. You can enter any nickname or your real name in this chat window. To see who else is in the story discussion room, just click on the ‘Visitors’ link on the chat window. You can keep your discussions with other readers in the public domain where other readers too are free to join in or go into a private discussion mode. For more details on how to use this chat utility, please “click here”

I started to to use the facility for a public chat option with an user name keralafarmer.

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