The extremely hazardous pesticide “BROMADIOLONE” issued in Kerala in the name as “RODOFOE” to kill the rats. The agricultural department, health department and the LSG jointly issued the same to the public who are not aware about the impact of this poison in Human. Ware housing corporation is the nodal agency to distribute […]

Indian Rubber Statistics 2011-12

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Can you imagine how India got the productivity of 1819 kg/hectare in 2011. It is a mathematical game. Highest monthly production and lower balance stock at […]

Why the rivalry against Farmers

If anybody can translate this post from Malayalam to English may be helpful


taping to extract food storage

Marking with the help of Guj Knife for Controlled Downward Tapping against CUT of Indian Rubber Board and IUT of Dr. L. Thankamma.

The tapping ladder with a height of 4.5 feet to tap from the branch union of rubber trees.

The tapping from branch union […]