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ഇന്ന് പെസ്റ്റിസൈഡ് വിരുദ്ധദിനം

December – 3rd – ‘No Pesticide Use Day’ –
Remembering Bhopal and highlighting the dangers of pesticides
Thanal is organising Poster exhibition and discussions in collaboration
with various educational institutions in Kerala.

On the remembrance day of the 23rd anniversary of the world’s worst
chemical disaster in Bhopal (M.P.), Thanal starts on December 3rd, a
series of events in colleges and higher secondary schools in Kerala to
draw attention to the continuing life threatening impacts of chemical
pesticides. This is in connection with the global “No Pesticides Use
Day” which was initiated by Pesticide Action Network (PAN)
International in 1998, and is now observed in many countries all over
the world to remind of the hazardous effects of pesticides on human
health and environment.
While the people in Bhopal still wait for justice, practically everybody in
India is being poisoned every day, be it farmers, farm workers, rural
communities or urban consumers – earlier studies show that practically
all conventional fruits and vegetables sold in Kerala contain pesticides.
India is one of those few countries which continue to use highly toxic
pesticides like methyl parathion, phorate and Endosulfan. In fact, there
are 69 such pesticides which are used in India but are banned in many
countries, considering their toxicity and other detrimental effects to
health and environment. Furthermore, fumigation for so-called public
health, and the use of pesticides in households add to the burden. Not
only can these omnipresent chemicals cause acute health effects but
also long-term effects such as cancer, mental disorders and endocrine
(hormone) disruption which may lead to infertility or disruption in the
development of the unborn child. The contamination of the
environment also threatens wildlife.
To raise awareness on these issues, offer a space for discussion, and
highlight the need to ensure land and food without poisons, this year
Thanal will organise one-day events in at least 10 colleges and schools
between December 3-17. The Inaugural is scheduled for tomorrow, 3rd
December at the All Saints College at Chakai at 9.30 am. The
programme includes a poster exhibition – The Story of Pesticides,
informative leaflets, and a film show – The Slow Poisoning of India, as
well as the opportunity for the students to discuss pesticide-related
issues . Other colleges include the University College , Govt. College ,
Nedumangadu, M.G College , and the Govt. College for Women, as well
as Colleges in Nagercoil and Kollam. Colleges / Schools that are
interested to host the exhibition may contact Thanal at Ph : 94471-
85254 .

പെസ്റ്റിസൈഡ്സ് വേണ്ടേ വേണ്ട


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