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മൂന്നു വയസന്മാര്‍ ഇന്‍ഡ്യ ടൈംസില്‍

ബിആര്‍പി ഭാസ്കര്‍, ചന്ദ്രകുമാര്‍, ചന്ദ്രശേഖരന്‍ നായര്‍ എന്നിവരെക്കുറിച്ച് ഇന്‍ഡ്യ ടൈംസില്‍ ശ്രീമതി. മീനാക്ഷി കുമാര്‍ ഒരു ലേഖനം പ്രസിദ്ധീകരിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.

Old hands at blogging

  BRP Bhaskar, 74, started blogging regularly since April this year, though he created his first blog way back in 2005. A retired journalist, now settled in Thiruvananthapuram, Bhaskar’s blogs carry his writings, political views and comments on current affairs. His other blog is specific to Kerala. And last month, he created a third one in Malayalam. “In the absence of standard Malayalam unicode, blogging in that language poses some problems,” he says. What started as a way to keep his friends and relatives in different parts of the world informed about his writings, has now become a serious activity.

The same holds true for Chandraku-mar, 64, also from Thiruvananthapuram, who started blogging this year. His blogs in Malayalam are a hit with fellow Malayalees. A retired government officer, he spends three-four hours on it daily.

Interestingly, Chandrashekhar Nair, 58, has been blogging for close to four-five years. A former serviceman and a farmer, his blogs are on agriculture. “What I like most about blogging is that one can get a response within seconds of publishing a blog,” says the Thiruvananthapuram-based Nair, who blogs in English, Hindi and Malayalam.
Thanks to Meenakshi Kumar and India times.

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  • The views expressed by BRP Bhaskar as reported by Meenakshi Kumar in India Times are a factual fallacy. Unicode is a standard of all of the major international languages and Malayalam is not an exception. There is no problem with rendering or display of text, provided, proper instructions are followed. One must use the right input utilities and should set the system and the browser, Unicode friendly. What problem does he find with the standards? Of if he is referring to the grammatical arguments for display of ‘ന്റ’ or ‘റ്റ’, that is a headache of linguists and software developers, not of a layman who is into blogging.

    Kudos for the mention about Uncle and Karshakan.

  • great, you are becoming a star!!