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One man Strike by Jeemon Karadi

An one man strike in front of milma by Jeeman Karadi with his Cow and calf to get justice to farmers in Kerala beyond Party Politics. Former Governor MM Joseph inaugurated the strike. Former Speaker M Vijaykumar visted him and pledged his support. His demand on the procedure of milk collection on transparency is need of the hour. 70% of milk is brought my Milma from other states. Thus the benefits of price increase will not get to the Dairy farmers in Kerala.  Milma will increase milk price first and afterwards they will rise the price of feed. It is beneficial to other Stats only. Farmers are cheated by the SNF and Fat for price calculation. It is the duty of Milma to promote the traditional cows in maximum houses to avoid the import of milk from other states. Cow dung have an important role in waste management. The licencing procedure for a dairy above 5 cows is an obstruction for small scale dairy farmers. The co-operation of State Govt, Animal husbandry dept, KLDBB Board and Milma can save the dairy farmers in Kerala. Let the consumer get the same quality collected by the Milma after pasteurization. Mixing milk powder is a crime.   A video in Malayalam available as under with out editing the content.