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An Order by the Appellate Authority of Rubber Board

Ref. No.59/1/2008-Vig. 4 March, 2008


The appellant Shri S Chandrasekharan Nair, Shri Raghav, Perukavu, Peyad PO, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 573 had approached the Public Information Officer, Rubber Board, Kottayam vide his application dated 24.1.2008 under Section 18(1) of the RTI Act (2005) for getting details of export of natural rubber made during 2006-2007 in a format detailed by him viz., date of export, name of exporter, quantity of export, grade/type of export, country to which exported, and value of export etc. The Public Information Officer vide his letter No. 41/2/07-08/PUB/RTI-56 dated 8.2.2008 informed the appellant that the details of export are not maintained by the Board in the format as sought for by him and the preparation of the details in such a format would involve lot of additional work and diversion of disproportionate resources of the office and as such the request of the appellant could not be considered in his favour, but informed him that the details as compiled and kept in the Board could be furnished to the appellant on remitting a sum of Rs.6/- by DD/Bankers Cheque/Indian Postal Order in favour of Dy. Director (P&PR), Rubber Board, Kottayam. The appellant when informed the Public Information Officer that he is interested in getting the information in the manner in which it is compiled by the Board and on remitting Rs.6/- by him, the details were furnished to the appellant.

The appellant, being not satisfied with the manner in which the information was furnished to him, has approached the Appellate Authority with an appeal dated 21.2.2008 stating that the Public Information Officer provided him only a little information and that he requires the information as per the format 1) date of export, 2) name of exporter, 3)quantity of export, 4) grade/type of export, 5) country to which exported, and 6) value of export. Based on the appeal, the Appellate Authority verified the manner in which the information was furnished to the appellant and found that the information was furnished to the appellant after getting his concurrence in the matter. While doing so he was also informed that the details were not maintained in the Board’s office in the manner as sought by the appellant and that the preparation of such details could be done only by diversion of the resources and manpower of the Dept. which are already in short. When the Appellate Authority informed the appellant, the circumstances and the manner in which the information was provided to him by the Public Information Officer, vide letter No. 51/1/2008-Vig. dated 25th February, 2008, he informed vide his letter dated 29/2/2008 that information furnished to him is not useful, unless all such details are not received and that he shall be satisfied if copies of those pages of data lying at various files and registers are made available to him as such so that he can compile them to arrive at the published figures; how many may the number of those pages be. Taking into account the said request of the appellant, the Appellate Authority confirmed from the Public Information Officer that the details of the information sought by the appellant are to be photo copied from about 350 pages of the concerned files/registers. In the circumstances, if the appellant is interested in getting the copies of those pages, he can do so, by remitting its cost @ Rs.2/- per page by Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque or Indian Postal order in favour of Dy. Director (P&PR), Rubber Board, Kottayam and on making such remittance, the Public Information Officer shall furnish to him copies of the pages covering the details sought for by the appellant within the prescribed period. The appeal petition is disposed of with the above directions.



(under the RTI Act 2005)


1) Shri S Chandrasekharan Nair

Shri Raghav, Perukavu

Peyad PO

Thiruvananthapuram – 695 573.

2) Public Information Officer

(MG Satheesh Chandran Nair

Dy. Director (P&PR)

Rubber Board, Kottayam -2)


My request as follows:-

In this connection I am to request you to send the required information (350 Pages) by registered post, the cost for which shall be borne by me. Kindly inform the postage expenses also to me. So that I can remit it in advance at your Regional Office, Thiruvananthapuram.

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