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Organic Waste Management

This is the Thumboormuzhi Model Aerobic Compost plant. We can manage the organic waste into compost with in 90 days with out any bad smell or leaching. By using 60 concrete bricks it can be build in the terrace or in the yard on 1800 rupees of cost. Roof can be selected according to the availability to minimise expenses. At the bottom put 6″ thick slurry or cow dung and  put some dry leaves on it. Then put any organic waste on it including fish, meat, chicken waste and dry coconut leaves or shell can be put on it up to one feet hight. Above it again put 6″ thick slurry or cow dung on it. Within one week the temperature in it will be 75 degree Celsius and the insects or pests will destroy which will keep the surrounding healthy. No bad smell from it will be there.

Thanks to Dr. Francis Xavier