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6th grievance

Grievance DOCOM/E/2019/00980 dt 26-08-2019 submitted
Although five complaints have been lodged in the PGPortal, the issue has not been fully resolved. So the sixth complaint is filed.

Grievance No 5

A fight started before 20 years had been solved by correcting error free statistics for the year 2018-19. I submitted a complaint to NFRPS about anomaly in rubber statistics to the newly appointed executive committee. They appointed a sub committe to verify the facts and take action to send a letter to Rubber Board. An invitation received to president to participate in 8th SCP meeting. He strongly opposed against the anomaly in statistics and compelled the SCP to correct the figures to tally. On ealier SCP meeting non of the members including farmer representative became silent on this matter. With out the support of NFRPS I was a complete Zero.

Heartiest thanks to Dr. K.N Raghavan IRS Executive Director Rubber Board, Capt George Joseph President NFRPS, Statistics and planning dept including SCP team for the valuable step to correct the rubber statistics from 2018-19 onward. 

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4th reply from Rubber Board

Reply from Rubber Board on 4th grievance at pgportal on anomaly in rubber statistics published by the Rubber Board

The 4th grievance with previous details provided by Rubber Board

Third Grieveance Registered in PG Portal

My third Complaint Grievance No. DOCOM/E/2019/00280 dt 12-03-2019 as under.
Sir, Please follow the link (mathematical error in Indian Rubber Statistics in detail) to see the -Ve mathematical error from 2004-05 to 2009-10 for a price hike in 2010-11 and 2011-12. The revised statistics during 2010-11 to 2013-14 by an expert panel was to correct the mistake of estimated shortage provided to Sri Joy Abraham Mp in Rajyasabha. The Expert panel reduced the production from 844000 tonnes to 774000 Tonnes for the year 2013-14. I wonder how the Opening Stock + Production + Import and Consumption + Export + Closing Stock can’t tally with out a missing figure. Few links are available as more evidence. (including Answer to Question NO : 1887 – Shri Joy Abraham in Rajyasabha ) (in details with hyperlinks to fetch the data)

The following reply received from Secretary Rubber Board.