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2010-11 में स्वाभाविक रबड् की प्रदर्शन

Performance of Natural Rubber 2010-11
Stock at the begining of the year 253975 Tonnes
Area 712000 hectares –% Growth
Production 861950 Tonnes -3.7% Growth
Consumption 947715 Tonnes 1.8% Growth
Import 177637 Tonnes –% Growth
Export 29851 Tonnes — % Growth
Average Market Price for RSS 4 grade Rs. 19003/100Kg Rs. 190.03 per Kg
Stock at the end of the year 277600 Tonnes
Number of small holdings — Million
Number of large estates
Average yield per hectare 1807 Kg
Customs duty on Natural rubber
Solid Form 20.00%
Latex 70.00%
Value of Natural Rubber Imported Rs. 2733.05 crore Rs. 153.29 per Kg
Value of Natural Rubber Exported Rs. 552.20 crore Rs. 184.99 per Kg
Value of rubber products imported Rs. — crore (2008-09)
Value of rubber products exported Rs. — crore
Income from NR to growers Rs. — crore
Cess of NR collected Rs. — crore —– Tonnes at cess Rs. 1.50/kg (Import 177637 + Purchase 773692 Tonnes?)
Number of licensed dealers
Number of licensed manufacturers
Tyre and Non-tyre consumption ratio
NR and SR consumption ratio 70:30
Per capita consumption of elastomer — Kg
Tyre industry turnover Rs. — crores
Tyre production — Million Numbers
Value of tyre exports Rs. — crores
Costoms duty on tyres 10.00%
World production — million tonnes
World consumption — million tonnes
World NR & SR consumption ratio
International price RSS 3 Rs. 19555/100 Kg Rs. 195.55 per Kg

Ref: Monthly Rubber Stastical News August 2010 Vol 69 No 3


Opening Stock 253975 Tonnes Consumption 947715 Tonnes
Production 861950 Tonnes Export 29851 Tonnes
Import 177637 Tonnes Balace Stock 277600 Tonnes
Missing 38396 Tonnes
Total 1293562 Tonnes Total 1293562 Tonnes

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