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Price Index of Natural Rubber and Coconut Products

Salary of  University asistant is an evidence of profit of a Govt Servant.

Now we look with the wage/salary index category of Govt. servants and other workers. From office records one can easily observe that an Assistant in any university of Kerala would draw an initial basic pay of Rs. 675 carrying a DA of Rs. 112 with a total of Rs. 797 (excluding other allowances such as HRA, CCA which vary from place to place) during 1983 where as initial starting basic pay for the same post is Rs. 7990 carrying a DA of Rs. 3036 with a total of Rs. 11,026 during 2008. Thus the salary index of the salary of an Assistant who will enter in service during 2008 is 1383. Thus the salary increase noticed on the initial appointment as Assistant in an University during 2008 is 13.83 times that of 1983. From the diary records one could observe that the wage given to an agricultural labourer during 1983 would be Rs. 20 where as the wage given today is Rs. 350 which is around 17.5 tines the wage of 1983.

The farmer have to get a price of natural rubber in 2008 was Rs. 231.24/Kg. (16.72 x 13.83) or the Assistant  was able to get a salary of Rs. 5157 (797 x 6.47) only. This was only a justice to the farmer to avoid suicide attemts.

As per the study in 1983 the basic salary including DA for an university assistant grade 11 was able to get Rs 797 (HRA and other allowances are not considered as it changes from place to place), a person freshly posted as Assistant Grade-11 during 2015 would draw Rs 25020 basic pay and DA in 2019 it will be Rs 33360 (27800 Basic + 5560 DA 20%) Hence, by considering 1983 as the base year, the salary index of Assistant Grade-11 during 2018 at the entry level is 3976%.That is the present salary at the entry level of the post has been swelled to an extent of 39.76 times that of 1983.

Price Indices of major agricultural commodities with base year 1983 in Kerala

The land value increased in 25 years is 75 times in my area.

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