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Price of Natural Rubber 2006-07

Supply and Demand for the year 2006-07 published in Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Price of Natural Rubber 2006-07 Click on the picture for full view.

Visit the excel worksheets to see the daily prices published by the Indian Rubber Board.  On a worksheet  prices of Latex 60% drc and its differences on mothly prices are avilable. The chart  tells us that Septebmer 2006 was the suitable time for the Import of 60% drc Latex. The unwanted higher price in the Indian Market at the peak season farmers are aware to sell maximum in this situation. How it is possible that 59015 Tonnes are available with Growers? After January 2007 many of the estates are not getting yield due to the highest summer without rain. The price on domestic is now below than International prices to support EXPORT. The monthly export and import details will be available after three months. Both the export and imports are available within the same year.

After normal summer rain will be a time to start normal tapping by the maximum Growers. The month end stock with Auto tyre manufacturers on 31st December was 33795Tonnes which is sufficient to use for 15 days away from the market. The market stock is not fluctuating, but the price is fluctuating periodically.

Export Import 2006-07 Import in December was 10920 Tonnes and conumption is less than November (70490 and 68225 respectively) to show the highest month end stock.

By the study from the above details I have an appeal to the farmers that ‘don’t sell rubber after 15th of each month to bring down the month end stock’ except small growers to meet daily expenses by selling it.

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