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Price trend for 2007-08

The latest price trend is available in this worksheets  with a comparison of previous year’s prices and price graph related with International RSS 3 and domestic RSS4 prices in Indian rupees.

Sept-07The unexpected rain in Kerala will drop down the production of NR in September 2007.

The southwest monsoon is set to sign off in style with a renewed buzz in the Bay of Bengal expected to produce a couple of low-pressure areas in quick succession over the next fortnight.

Prices of August 07The price of Domestic shows high Volatility with out any reason. At the end of August again climbing above the International to support Import on September.

Price trend for July 2007

There has been a 50 per cent drop in rubber production this year in major rubber producing areas such as Pala and Kanjirappally due to vector-borne diseases such as chikungunya and other fevers in plantation areas in the State.

Spot rubber lost its steam lacking follow up support from the consuming sector. A weak closing in international futures and its impact in domestic futures kept the trading activities comparatively dull on the physical front throughout the day. The transactions were low.

To maintain the month end stock higher it is necessary to import and it will help for an upward trend in International market, but India is importing not only from Thailand but also from other producing Countries to control the price raise. Away from market is a next item for the last week of this month. The market also in support of this with Kottayam market price higher than International. It is possible that rubber stock at the end of July also can be given higher by the manufacturers which may not be with them.

The Chairman – Rubber Board will ask Growers to hold on to stocks

Price trend June 07Kindly check the price trend of June to bring the month end stock high and the farmers are not able to sell now due to minimum stock. The Chairman says to hold stock. To bring higher stock in July the Domestic price will go up above International for import. This is a game with the co-operation of dealers and manufacturers. The previous days were favorable to dealers by the sale on higher price by orders and collecting on lower price to full fill the requirement with more profit due to decreasing trend. Now they will hold stock to bring higher price to sell on more profit which was purchased on lower price.

Mr Sajen Peter, Rubber Board Chairman, will convene a meeting of exporters and Board’s companies at Kottayam on July 9. The meeting will focus on increasing the quantum of exports through the companies with active cooperation of the exporters.

Few days back on last month the climate was more favorable to export due to the difference of prices on International and Domestic. Thus the export was beneficial between 20th and 30th June to bring month end stock low to increase market price up to the level of International. These exports and imports are a game against small holdings and small scale Industries.

*Price trend for the month of June shows a decreasing trend to bring the total stock from farmers to the market to show the high month end stock. Actually the production is lower than previous year due to short period of rain, high humidity, spreading fever for work force etc. The month end stock with farmers will be very minimum due to decreasing trend of market price. This will reflect on shortage in next month (July 07).

Price trend May 07

This image is trend for May 2007. The increasing price trends in Domestic market and International market available in work sheet Price 2007-08 . It is because the Rubber sheets collected by the middle men in lower price than International from Feb to May are capable to hold in hands for a long time due to better quality in dryness. Making more profit is their aim. Daily International prices available in the morning and Indian price will publish in the evening of the same day.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian rubber prices is expected to be firmer next week amid the current supply shortage in major producing countries, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, dealers said. “Supply is still limited following the unusual rains in certain parts of the major producing countries and thus will keep the prices high,” a dealer said. The dealer said that most players remained bullish that the rubber prices would move higher until the end of this month due to tight supply.

4 comments to Price trend for 2007-08

  • Ramachandran


    Squeezing rubber supplies in order to make good profits has become now a routine of the stockists & Speculative elements. This is what is happening now also since 02.05.07 (no sellers in the market though the prices were between Rs. 85 – Rs. 88). They have collected rubber at lower levels and trying to make good profits . They also use the futures market to discourage sellers giving a feeling that the prices will reach higher levels.

    I request the Farmers and people who have stocks with them to be cautious about the speculative elements. As pointed out in the article only their profit is their aim.

    Hence the suggestion to the farmers and dealers who have rubber with them is Start Selling at the Market prices and not to wait any longer to be taken by surprise by the speculative elements, like it happened in March this year.



  • biju joseph

    rubber market starts down on may 28 onwards as per your prediction and international is continuously down trend for the past three weeks. what will be the future reading about national and interntional rubber market

  • biju joseph: we can’t say about the future reading about national and international rubber market. But International market will not fluctuate like Domestic. The Market stock variation and price is not related up to an extent.

  • biju joseph

    my reading about the rubber price is a down trend. world market is moving to new low day by day. domestic also moving to low each day. rubber company is not in a supportive mood and dealers also is not ready to hold the rubber.