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Increase Productivity not Production

The external applications of stimulants are not a way to increase sustainable production for long duration. Zylem is only transporting water and mineral nuetrients to the leaves. To fulfil the nuetrient defficiency due to climatic changes are an important matter. The input of magnesium in summer increases the flow of carbohydrates to the root over cambium allows the growth of bark and wood from top to bottom. That means only on downward tapping will help the growth of bark downwards. Inclined upward tapping and controlled upward tapping are against the growth of bark with the help of Cambium.

The brown bast effected trees produces thick dry bark at the bottom and reduces the disease necrocis to the upper part of the stem. The utilisation of phloem liquid from top to bottom will occur deficiency at bottom level of the stem. Continious external application of stimulants will become a reason for the blockage of phloem liquid by milk vessels without latex and the cork cells may be live. By fulfilling magnesium in summer will help to avoid bark island, pink, patchcanker etc. with sufficient food storage with the help of lenticells.

As a farmer without academic knowledge this much of briefing is sufficient to other cultivators.

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