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Rain Guards are harmful to rubber trees

Dear farmers,

In India 85% of small rubber cultivators are available and many of the farmers are holding below one Acre of land. First of all farmers have to know what action will continue within the trees in winter? One thing we can assure that the phloem is active with the availability of carbohydrates due to the availability of water through the roots. The percentage of photosynthesis will reduce at rainy season. The latex preparation will be low and tapping with the help of rain guards allows late dripping with low drc containing minimum coagulating agents and magnesium. Latex preparation is through the lenticells by photosynthesis respiration and food storage at the stem. Magnesium have to reach the leaves at the lower branches of the trees. At this stage  and the bark of upper part of the stem will use magnesium from phloem and deficiency of the flow of magnesium to the roots will create Brown bast in future.

Rubber trees are for a long period which can build new bark more than 12 times means taping can be done from A to Z panels by maintaining the phloem liquid through in puts. The photosynthesis on new bark helps to prepare new milk/latex vessels and bark. I would like to say the farmers that don’t spoil your trees by increasing tapping days in winter. Minimum tapping days in winter can save your trees healthy. Carbohydrates and latex are equivalent to blood in the human body for Rubber trees.

By the application of 200 grams of magnesium sulfate can maintain the tree with active phloem and latex vessels and tapping can be done on clear days (not rainy days) up to a difference of 10 days or more. Total tapping days may be nearer to the rain guarded trees for the whole year. Then the production cost can be reduced by avoiding rain guard, rubber coat, indophil M-45 etc. and labour for it. Expenses for drying sheets also high in winter. Apply magnesium alone because it will react with NPK mixture in which ‘N’ is acidic. Magnesium works better with carbonate and sulphate.  If you want to apply NPK that can be applied on August. In this way your annual profit can be increased. “Comments and suggestions” expected from experts, because I am an ordinary farmer. 

See this link published by Hindu Business Line: Rubber output may go up as rain-guarding rises

1 comment to Rain Guards are harmful to rubber trees

  • Paul

    In the moderately hilly areas like ours (Muvattupzha) uprooting / partial destruction of trees due to wind is a factor which makes many farmers feel it is not worth keeping a tree for more than, say, 20 to 25 years. This is the prevailing opinion. Hence the urge to get maximum latex from the tree in its life time of 20 to 25 years.