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Role of Rubber Board

The international price of RSS 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 at Bangkok, Thailand are collected and converted to INR by the Rubber Board to publish on the site. Price Latex 60% drc and SMR 20 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the same manner. Domestic market price at Kottayam and Kochi collected and published by the Board. The sister concern of MRF the printed media Malayalamanorama publishing daily the price of RSS 4 and 5 below 3 rupees on Rubber board price. The same market price is followed by the local Dealers in Kerala. Thus purchase by the small scale dealers as ISS is a common factor. The profit divides between middlemen and the quality sheets will reach MRF go-down at low rate on a comparison of grade.

The monthly rubber statistical news published by the Rubber Board can’t tally the monthly average price of Latex 60% drc Here is an evidence of Export of wet weight of 16056 Tonnes exported at higher price when the drc was 9634 Tonnes. The exporters of natural rubber is controlled and licensed by the Rubber Board. The low priced export available in the spread sheet updated from Indian Rubber Statistics vol 35 of 2012. The export of Natural Rubber from India to Malaysia for the year 2011-12 was 4273 Tonnes at a value of 688,000,000 rupees at an average of 161.01/kg. As per the instructions of WTO Malaysia can implement an anti dumping duty which may be the deference between market price and imported price.

The benefits of export import from WTO are encouraged by the irregularities on price. it may be the reason for the deposits of black money at Swiss Bank. The names of Arun Mamen and Rahul Mamen related with black money we know from the English and Hindi Media. Malayalam media knowingly avoided their name from publishing. the data of import published by the rubber board is not sufficient to calculate the irregularities.

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics published by a Farmer is not available in any other sites. which contains a missing figure obtained from the total availability by adding opening stock, production and import can’t tally by the subtraction of export, consumption and balance stock. Missing is always not the same. It will continue for few years as negative and positive alternately. negative missing is that which figures of balance stock is greater than actual stock and positive missing wise versa. This missing had a great role in price fluctuation. When the stock is higher Rubber Board publishes a positive missing (Stock below actual) to permit the import with out anti dumping duty.

The joint venture of political parties, bulk dealers, rubber board and the media are responsible for the price fluctuation of natural rubber. The speculation of media is supported by the statistics and economic experts.

Rubber Board is responsible for the price fluctuations of natural rubber not  only in India, but also at International market
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