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Rubber Board calls for tough stand on market speculators

Chairman says India’s natural rubber sector no more insulated from world market.

Increasing dominance of Asia changing consumption patterns.

Cost competitiveness, quality enhancements key to growth.

Rubber prices likely to ease from October

Fresh arrivals during season time, that lasts for four month reach 1.25 lakh tonne per month and for four months the production will be 5 lakh tonne. During the lean months only 50,000 tonne of natural rubber arrives. Country is likely to produce approximately 8.8 lakh tonne of rubber against the previous year’s production of 8.6 lakh tonne with more area covered under tapping.

Wait and see the production of October 2007 which will be less than last year.

World Supply-Demand Deficit/Surplus fell down -202,000  Tonnes in the second quarter of 2007 with  production 2188,000 Tonnes and Consumption 2390,000 Tonnes.

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