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Rubber Growers Against Rubber Board


Rubber Growers of Kerala of social net working site to form an open Group to file a WRIT at Hon High Court of Kerala against Indian Rubber Board. Rubber Board is responsible for all irregularities against Growers.

Think about the facts.
1. All govt machineries which are created farmers are corrupted.
2. Here their is no unity in the field of agriculture.
3. Farmers & Planters are not coming up & co- operate each other.
4. All believes that govt will take measures to improve the price.
5. The Quality standards which many producers are maintaining is low.

How can we overcome the present scenario

1.Join hands together ,Raise voice against so called govt machineries which are not helpful for farmers.
2. Leave the mis understanding that govt will take actions to improve the price.
3.Create small groups area wise , all groups should co operate & join together so that a big co operative movement can be formed state wise. ( If this happens just think how big will be the movement is)
4. Avoid intermediaries
5. Go before courts against govt machineries which are formed to help farmers but not interested in working for farmers because of corruption.
6. Avoid politics while forming a co operative movement.
7. Get out of a bias thought that no movements will succeed against multi national companies ( who are major players in import & consumers of rubber)
8. Seek expertize help how to improve quality of product
9. Keep in mind that no political nexus or mncs can with stand before a big movement having a common goal & aim…