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Rubber prices will go up

The month end prices to bring maximum stock from farmers to show higher month end stock continued one more weak. The International prices are going up (Rs.126.07/Kg on 13-05-08 > Rs. 127.04/Kg on 14-05-08 ‍‍‍> Rs. 128.06/Kg on 16-05-08 for RSS 3) which can’t come down in near future. Indian dealers and manufacturers can keep the domestic price Rs. 10 below International. But the farmers are aware on international prices which ruled much above the domestic rates. There was a time when the average grower had been totally ignorant about the global price movements.

An analysis of Indian Rubber Statistics published by Indian Rubber Board available on

The latest updates for the year 2008-09 are available in these spread sheets of and it is updating periodically. Pay attention to the missing figures and month end stock with growers which is using to reduce and increase month end stocks.

The following news shows another reason for shortage of rubber at the end of May 2008.

“A convection developing in the Arabian Sea may cause a strong south equatorial current to push the monsoon system to the Kerala coast at an earlier date, according to some global forecast models. The forecast made by the US-based Center for Ocean Land Atmosphere Studies (COLA) shows the arrival of dark monsoon clouds along Kerala coast in May 20-28. Another US based agency, International Research Institute for Climate Studies has predicted heavy rains on the west coast.”

Courtesy: The Financial Express

The Prices of International RSS 3 up above Rs. 138/- and Domestic RSS 4 coming down at the level of Rs. 125/- why?

Ans. is the expected quantity arrived at market and a joint programme of bulk dealers & manufacturers to reduce price is another game against Indian Farmers and small dealers. Now the sale of rubber is only from the poor to their daily expenses and other farmers will hold rubber due to higher international price. It is the time for export due to 14 rupees difference.

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