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Rubber Statistics June 2008

Before the verification of details prediction through the media about Production highlights an increase of 24.1 % from April to June 2008. Few more predictions are as follows.

  • Production from April to June 2007 = 143630 Tonnes
  • Production from April to June 2008 = 178250 Tonnes
  • Production June 2007 = 43480 Tonnes
  • Production June 2008 = 62000 Tonnes
  • Consumption June 2007 = 9495 Tonnes
  • Consumption June 2008 = 71000 Tonnes
  • Import Reduced 22% = 18826 Tonnes
  • Export Increased 42.9% = 14875 Tonnes

What an efficiency of Media like Mathrubhumi DHANAKARYAM to publish all these details on 7th July 2008. The Indian Rubber Board will publish all these details after August 20th of this year. Export increased due to the difference which is a profitable one. Then how the Import of 18826 Tonnes done on a loss of Rs. 10/- approximately per Kg? However total import is greater than export. It may be possible to import the same exported rubber to other ports of India. One of the biggest manufacturer have a storage at Sri Lanka too.The produced rubber will reach the market after so many days. In conclusion we can say that these types of predictions are to reduce price. Now a days the tapping days are more due to low rain, but production is less due to high temperature above 30 degree Celsius.

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